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Turnkey Advertising Business | AdCardz.com

Launch Your New AdBoard Business Today! Your AdBoards have been designed to generate Immediate Cashflow as well as Substantial Long-term Revenue Streams. But that’s barely scratching the surfac of what you can do here. Ask yourself if any of these could work for you… Instant Advertising Sales. Approx 5-10% of your advertisers will happily pay for one or more Add-Ons to make their Ad stand out and increase their exposure… so the more Ads you give away, the more you make ! You set your own prices and keep 100% of all payments . High-Value List Building on Auto. Your Advertisers are a genuine contact list of Action-Takers and Buyers in a clearly defined niche. And the more specific your AdBoard themes, the more valuable those lists will be! Isn’t that better than just collecting random emails? Traffic You Can Send Anywhere You Want. Your AdBoards are targeted traffic machines, so you can send a stream of visitors to your own offers, PLR products, affiliate offers or even directly to paying Client’s websites! Make At Least One Local Board! Create a generic Community AdBoard to start your own list of local businesses, then use that traffic to create AdBoards in more specific niches… restaurants, attractions, doctors, lawyers etc. All these businesses will pay you top-dollar for fresh local leads! Turbo-Charge Your Viral Networks. Once your AdBoard is generating it’s own traffic, create your own Ads for any of the Viral Traffic programs out there. These generate even more visitors and you can earn cash commissions… ! Remember, all your Advertisers are here ! Get In Early On Every New Program! Use your IM AdBoard as a LockBox to test ANY new program… just create an Ad and forget about it! Let it run for a month then check your stats to decide if it’s worth actively promoting! Find all the winners without wasting time on the losers! You’ll Find Even More In Your 18-Strategy Monetization Guide Your AdBoards are designed to generate fast, hands-free sales, but that’s just the start. They’re also a powerful tool for generating quality traffic that you can send to any offer you like, and building your own email lists in any niche you like. Our step-by-step Monetization Guide will walk you through 18 profitable strategies so you can earn even more from every AdBoard you create! And when you see just how Quick & Easy it is to create an AdBoard, you definitely won’t want to stop at one! Your new AdBoards can be fully installed, customised and ready t[…]
Turnkey Advertising Business | AdCardz.com

Sell in-demand advertising in any location or niche with this complete plug-and-play solution. Stop buying advertising and start selling it today.

Saas App Allows Users To Launch Their Own Ad Business In Minutes. Members Give Away Free Ads And Make Instant Sales On The Back-end, Build A List And Generate Fast Traffic For Any Offer. Paying Lifetime Comms On A Very Sticky Membership Product.

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