Unapologetically Powerful

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Strong Is Contagious. Strong Will Change Your Life.Ive seen the discovery of powerlifting completely, seismically shift womens confidence toward the positive. Confidence in their bodies, in their physical capabilities, even in the way they work.Seriously. Earlier today, I received a text message from a client who has very recently been promoted to VP at the company she works for. Get this: she credits getting strong to playing a major role in her promotion: I think it is a direct impact of my building strength in everything! Thank you!! Seriously…strong has translated into amazing things! She trained for and entered her first powerlifting meet at age 41, and I witnessed her become invincible before my very eyes.Shes also thrilled with the 40 pounds she lost in the process, but Im not going to tell you that the way to happiness is to lose weight, whether it be 40 pounds or a stubborn 5 to 10. Im not going to talk to you about getting long, lean muscles. (Having goals like these are A-OK, by the way, theyre just not going to be part of our conversation today.)Instead, I want to focus on the best way Ive found to build confidence, to enjoy and revel in the way you look and feel, to truly learn to appreciate what your body can do, and to have the opportunity to test it.In case youre not picking up what Im putting down, its strength Im talking about, and in particular, yours. To get even more specific, Im talking about focusing on large, multijoint movements called the big three. They are the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift, and together, they work every major muscle group in your body, forging it out of the very steel you will lift. I want you to realize exactly what youre capable of, and I have the very thing that can help you find out.Happily, you dont have to wade through a sea of subpar information to get the good stuff.What a relief, because although the tides are turning and more women are finding their way into the weight room, the simple fact remains: most mainstream fitness marketing isnt talking about lifting anything other than teeny-weeny, eensy-weensy, microscopic dumbbells. That is what women lifting weights still means in the pages of most glossy magazines. F that noise, though.We are much, much stronger than they give us credit for, and there are so many benefits to developing that strength more completely: a faster metabolism, better sleep, increased bone density (and thus a much-improved aging process), reduced anxiety and depressi[…]
Unapologetically Powerful

Powerlifting Product Geared Towards Women, Including Two 12-week Training Programs, A User Manual Explaining All The Nuances Of Powerlifting (and Competing), And A Complete Video Library With More Than 140 Exercises Filmed.

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