We Should Survive

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“Why” Prepare For Survival

On its most basic level, life is about survival and reproduction. When we look at the majority of the animal kingdom, thats what they do. They try to survive their environment and natural enemies and crate more of their kind to carry on after them.As humans, our lives are more complex. We rarely think of survival in modern times, with our lives focused on more complex issues. A large part of that is that we have created a lifestyle and infrastructure that takes care of our basic needs. In other words, we dont think about survival all that much, because the basic necessities of survival are pretty much on auto-pilot.That doesnt eliminate the need for those basic necessities. They are still there. It just means that we dont have to focus on them all the time. However, should our modern infrastructure fail, we would be back there with the cavemen, focusing all our time and energy into the basic needs for survival.What are those needs? Youve probably heard that lovely bit of poetry, saying that the basic needs of survival are food, clothing and shelter. While Ill have to agree that all of those things are needed, I would also have to take exception to that list. It doesnt provide all of the basic needs. If all we had were food, clothing and shelter, wed all die.The actual list should be:Youre probably wondering what that homeostasis is on that list. I dont blame you. The first time I saw that word, I had to look it up. Literally speaking, homeostasis refers to maintaining balance between independent elements. In the field of survival, that is understood to mean maintaining the body at the right temperature (not too hot, not too cold) for survival.Two of the elements in that bit of poetry exist for that purpose; clothing and shelter. Clothing really isnt there to keep us all from dying of embarrassment, its there to help hold in our bodys heat, keeping our body temperature where it should be; otherwise known as homeostasis. Theres one other thing we use for homeostasis, thats fire. Mankind has used fire for millennia to cook our food, purify our water, to provide us with light and most importantly, to keep us warm. So, if I were to add a fifth item to that list, Id say, fire.So, in order to survive, we need to make sure we have those four or five items. That raises the question, if you were dumped in the woods, without anything, could you survive? For most of us, the answer to that question is no. Even trained survival experts would be challenged to survive in […]
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“WHY” Is it Important To Prepare For Survival For “Any” Crisis And Disaster

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