Wealth And Abundance Guided Meditation

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What can I expect from the guided meditation?Allow the guided meditation to take you on a journey to the miraculous Prosperity Hill, where you will be introduced to the magical lake that will bring you messages from the Universe. It will program your mind to achieve wealth and abundance, by changing your beliefs about the love the Universe has for you, about your deservingness, about the unlimited nature of the Universe, and much more. Along the way, you will encounter peaceful messages that will upgrade your minds prosperity and ability to attract money. Wealth and Abundance Guided Meditation is an 18 minute-longdownloadable mp3. Once you place your order via Clickbank, you will be directed immediately to the download page where you can download the audio to your computer.All you have to do it listen to the guided meditation daily, and let the changes occur. Within a couple of weeks, your brain will begin to rewire its prosperity, and you will start noticing massive changes taking place.What benefits can you expect from the Wealth and Abundance Guided Meditation?Well, more money for starters! (Backed by a 60 day guarantee)An upgrade in your ability to attract moneyIncreased awareness (a common benefit from daily meditations)A heightened sense of deservingness (this by itself will attract money into your life!)A sharper eye for financial opportunitiesAn urge to get up and go create financial success!A better understanding of the Universe and its love for youA higher financial thermostat (how much money can you have and feel comfortable with)More financial confidenceAnd much more! While you listen to the messages the Universe has for you, your listening experiance will be enhanced by subliminal messages and binaural beats, all designed to make the positive change faster, much more powerful, and longer lasting.So how does it work, exactly? As you listen to the guided meditation, you will be asked to relax, and led through a process to do so. Just relaxing in this systematic way can be helpful, as relaxing lowers cortisol, a hormone that our bodies release when under stress. After the relaxation process, you are guided to the top of Prosperity Hill where you experience receiving messages from the Universe, in the form of mentors and friends, and from the magical lake on top of the hill. These messages relate to the core law of attraction principles that involve money; deservingness, enough abundance to go around, letting go, taking action, and so on. Yo[…]
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Using Classic Law Of Attraction Principles, This Guided Meditation Is A Powerful Took To Attract Wealth And Abundance Into Your Life.

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