Wealthified – An Ebook About How I Am Building Up My, And Your Wealth

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The word Wealthified doesnt exist in the English dictionary. I have come up with this word, to mean something like having obtained wealth.In brief, with my Forex trading system between 2014 and 2015, in 2 years, I have built up my live trading account from $1,500 to $100,000.I had my exact plan all along and I knew exactly what I was doing and why, and what my next step would be and why. On average I needed 15-30 minutes per working day sitting in front of my computer to do it. I knew exactly beforehand at which times I needed to look at the Forex market to have a chance to make some money.Yet in 2016 I needed to withdraw all of the capital I have made, because of a personal emergency. But here I am now in 2019, ready to start all over.I have created and perfected my trading system in order to have both money and time. The good news is, I have created it to be easily teachable and understandable, and the main point of this system will always be to keep everything simple, and to spend the shortest time possible with it.This eBook has a complete description about how I did, and how I am doing it all. Basically a guide to achieve the financial freedom.[…]
eBook – Wealthified

Easy To Sell Because This Is About How To Really Win The Forex Market. I Want To Raise The Price To At Least $299 But My Actual CB Limit Is $50 For A Few Weeks. So This Is A Special Pre Sale Price.

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