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Web Promo Magic – The Encyclopedia Of Billion Dollar Internet Promotions

With "Cashflow Ignition", you now possess a phenomenal base to start reeling in mucho dinero on the Internet in sleek automated fashion. Now you want to go further – much further, and now you can. And you’re eager to seize this power… and double, triple, or even quadruple it. Hang on to your keyboard, because you’re about to learn how to cheerfully crank out all kinds of web promos that’ll keep the cash register ringing for years…. I dont know about you… but my greed glands go on overdrive whenever I hold a promotion that made its owner a million or so. What I do is STUDY EVERY SINGLE FREAKING WORD OF THE PROMO! Since 2003, Ive painstakingly collected these website promotions and emails, and it’s no understatement to say that they’re responsible for billions of dollars worth of goods and services sold. This material is unbelievable. All of these sizzling web promotions and campaigns have been tested and proven. All have made money- many to the tune of millions of dollars You know, player material. The "insider stuff" you can use to open the vault and profit outrageously FAST. Armed with this amazing swipe file at your fingertips , you can now literally "copy and paste" your way to engineering a buying frenzy, on demand and at will. …and it’s so astonishingly easy to use, even a complete newbie can profit! Heck, just being exposed to these sensational winning promos will jettison you to the ‘next level’…just as they did for me. But you get more than that. You’ll be provided with behind-the-scenes insight, revealing both the mechanical process and the psychology that can be employed to maximize your results And most importantly, I’ll give you practical suggestions on how to actually USE these response-boosting, wallet fattening secrets to trigger more sales in less time than you ever thought possible For the savvy, astute student of Internet marketing, this is a tremendously enormous value. Just think, by using this dynamite swipe file, you’ll blow open the door to the secret passageway to become a more persuasive AND profitable marketer practically overnight! Now you can raid this treasure chest and use the exhibits of the web promotions I provide as a jumping off point, a framework for your own. Brainstorm ideas for new projects in a snap. Never suffer from mental block, or stare in agony at a blank page again! Simply "model" and modify the tested, proven, money-making words, plug in your produ[…]
Web Promo Magic – The Encyclopedia Of Billion Dollar Internet Promotions

The Greatest Goldmine Of Moneymaking Internet Promotions Ever Crammed Into One Product! Simply Model, Copy And Swipe Your Pick Of Thesewinners And Watch Your Website Sales Explode!

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