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How To Lose Weight And Melt Stubborn Fat With No Effort…

For those of you who want results today… If You’re Ready To Lose Weight, Get Fit, & Feel Great Today!Then Hold On To Your Seats, Because You’re About To Discover… Dramatically Changed The Looks And Lives Of Countless People In Over 93 Countries Around The World!” The Question Is, Are Next? From the desk of Christopher Guerriero Would you do me a quick favor? I want you to close your eyes and imagine with me for a second… Imagine getting up in the morning feeling refreshed and alive, ready to take on the day. You’ve slept like a baby, and there’s absolutely no sign of that groggy, listless feeling you once used to have. Following a delicious breakfast, you saunter to your closet and pick out your clothes for the day. You slip on your favorite shirt or blouse, and notice that it feels a lot “breezier” than it did just a week or so ago. The snug, tight-fitting feeling you used to have has disappeared (you lost weight)! There’s more room in the arms and waist area, giving you the freedom to move about without hindrance…and without embarrassment. You smile to yourself, thinking “Wow, this program really works.” But that’s not the half of it. Not by long shot! You reach for a pair of pants and slip them on, fastening them just like you have every day for as long as you can remember…. …and they fall to the floor. Bewildered, you reach down and pull them up again, thinking you may have missed the button somehow. But to your astonishment, you see that yes, they are fastened securely. And all of a sudden it hits you. You again let go of your pants, relishing the feeling as they slowly whisk down your legs and collect in a heap at your feet. Stepping away, your reach into the back of the closet to find your ‘skinny pants’, the ones you haven’t been able to fit into for years. And again you smile, whispering those wonderful words that everyone loves to say… Discover exactly what to do to slim down and keep it off forever! Have you ever noticed how some people can diet and exercise for months – or years – without getting any real results . . . While other people can diet and exercise FAR LESS, and always seem to look GREAT! It’s true . . . there are those people who get far better results from their diet or their exercise program, and with much less effort — but the reason why, is NOT WHAT YOU MIGHT THINK. These special people ARE NOT GENETICALLY GIFTED! They simply know, and use, a few of the Golden Rules of dieting — rules that guarantee, any user, better results!!! I’d like to give you ( ) a complete, detailed description of these Golden Rules, and also tell you how you can implement them into your life immediately to start seeing results today. This report is an excerpt from my $1,997.00, 3 day seminar – and , as my gift to you just for visiting my site. Fill out the form below, and I’ll immediate email you this valuable report – no strings attached. PS: Once you learn these techniques and put them to use, your metabolism will immediately begin to speed up, your energy level will drastically increase, and you’ll begin burning more body fat every day from this day forward… I hate spam as much as you do – I will NEVER sell, share, or trade your information EVER – for any reason whatsoever! I wouldn’t risk my reputation! The Best Kept Secret In Weight Loss Has Been Right Under Your Nose The Whole Time… How did that previous scenario sound? Like a dream come true? Well, good. Because I’m about to show you a natural, tried-and-true method that will melt the pounds from your waistline – help you lose weight :), boost your energy levels, and have you looking and feeling younger and more vibrant than you ever thought possible…in a VERY short time. And the best part is… You don’t have to spend hours at the gym, working out until you collapse from exhaustion… You don’t have to starve yourself, avoiding the foods you love most… You don’t have to buy into an expensive program that sucks every penny from your pocketbook… All you need to do is one thing: Master your metabolism. More on that in a moment. But first, let me introduce myself… My name is Christopher Guerriero, and I am the founder and CEO of The National Metabolic and Longevity Research Center. For nearly 2 decades, I’ve been studying every weight loss, metabolic enhancement, and longevity program that I and my team could get our hands on, to determine exactly how they improve a persons metabolism, longevity, and their ability to burn fat. I took every program apart, dissecting it piece by piece to determine the most valuable aspects of each theory or approach while discarding the rubbish. And with my findings, I’ve discovered a fast, simple way to speed up your metabolism and lose weight permanently, while also increasing your energy levels and reversing many of the signs of aging. The results? Well, I’ll let you hear those for yourself… “I just don’t have time to waste on fat loss programs that don’t work…” “I never thought I could do it, but I lost 60 pounds of fat, and I’ve got more energy now than I had when I was in my 20’s…” “Having access to experts like Christopher is a vital part of my weight loss success” “What you learn in just one meeting with Christopher could literally change your life forever.” Since my discovery, I’ve authored several books on how to melt off pounds fast and obtain that tight, perfect body you’ve always wanted with as little effort as possible. Titles include the world best-seller “Maximize Your Metabolism”, as well as “The 2 Day Workout”, “The Psychology of Weight Loss”, “The Art of Living Thin” and literally thousands of other weight loss articles, fat loss reports, and energy enhancement books. I have also traveled throughout the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Asia teaching groups about how to crank up their metabolism to shed unwanted pounds – speaking on-stage with legends like Bob Proctor (The Secret), Jim Rohn, Coach Carter, and Fran Tarkenton. I even host my own TV show, and I’ve been featured in national magazines, on television, and on radio shows across the globe. And then, there’s the celebrity community… The Man Behind Those Slinky Red-Carpet Figures… As soon as the word got out about my all-natural, easy-to-follow diet and fitness program, the celebrities started lining up. The stars of TV, movie, modeling, and the sports world know how important it is to look slender and healthy when the cameras roll. And with their super busy lifestyles, they don’t have time to mess with complicated diet plans or dangerous supplements that may have side effects. They need something that’s natural, easy-to-implement, and most of all – FAST! And that’s why many come to me. My personal coaching client list reads like a who’s who of the entertainment and sports community. Of course I can’t reveal names, but suffice it to say that if you pick up a popular magazine, chances are you’ll see the results the techniques I’m about to share with you… So what does this mean to you? Well, first let me ask you a few questions: Are you ready to jump off the diet and exercise merry-go-round and achieve the slim, spectacular body of your dreams… faster and easier than you ever thought possible? Are you ready to see the eyes of your friends and family (not to mention your spouse) nearly pop out of their head when they gaze upon your svelte new figure? Are you ready for a program that puts your metabolism on auto-pilot, leaving you to eat the foods you love without ever having to worry about gaining pounds? Are you ready to bounce out of bed every day with a renewed passion for life and an energized, go-get-‘em attitude that has everyone asking, “What’s got into you?” Are you ready for a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION? Then keep reading, because the Total Body Transformation System is here… The Same Miraculous System That Keeps My A-List Clients Looking Drop-Dead Gorgeous Can Now Be Yours… It’s true. The very same personal coaching program that my stars pay thousands for can be yours–for a only pittance of the price. Delivered in 8 info-packed audio modules, the Total Body Transformation System offers an ultra-powerful body-shaping method specifically designed to help you achieve the slim, shapely figure you deserve. You’ll receive a personal coaching audio that shows you the next step to achieving incredibly successful results. You can listen to these online, download them into your iPod, or burn them onto a CD to listen in your car. Each audio teleclass is packed with valuable information to help shave away the fat and escalate your energy levels faster, easier, and with less effort than you ever thought possible. There’s even a Q & A session at the end of each audio that will answer almost any question you might have. Click here join the thousands of others who are now living life in their dream body! More Than Just Another Diet Program – MUCH More… In these 8 personal coaching audio’s, I’ll virtually take you by the hand and help you identify and target trouble areas. You’ll learn how to quickly and easily reshape your body, losing the ugly fat from the areas you desire most – like your waist, thighs, buttocks, hips, and Soon you’ll be living life in a tight, lean, strong, youthful looking body that’s full of energy…ENJOYING every minute rather than spending hours in a gym every day or eating bland, tasteless food. And with my amazingly simple step-by-step process, the Total Body Transformation System gives you all the tools you’ll need to skyrocket your energy levels and reach every body shaping goal you’ve ever had! How to Sweep Your Body Clear of the Impurities, Poisons and Toxins That Are Clogging Up Your Metabolism: I’ll show you exactly how to purge your system of the garbage that’s keeping you from the body you love, giving you the freedom to finally flush away that extra fat in record time! The Hidden Secret To Shedding Stubborn Fat and Inches: Ready to say goodbye to your spare tire? This is the fastest way do it…and it’s easier than you think! The One Weight Loss Breakthrough That Top Supermodels Don’t Want You To Know About: A few of my clients are not happy about me revealing this closely-guarded tactic, but if you lack willpower and motivation when it comes to diet and fitness (and who doesn’t?), this alone is worth the 10x the price! How To Finally Overcome Procrastination Forever, Even If You’re Surrounded by Temptation: I’ll guide you through the science of saying “no”, giving you the power to stay strong and keep from going back for seconds – no matter what’s on the menu! The Fastest, Easiest Way To Increase Muscle Strength and Energy: You don’t need expensive exercise equipment. You don’t need a long, drawn out weight training program. You don’t even need a gym membership. All you need is this simple, step-by-step plan that only takes a few minutes a day. How To Live Life In The Fat Burning Zone: Those big-time diet companies have it all wrong (but that’s because it’s more profitable to lie to you)… this is the healthy, natural way to not only drop the weight quickly, but keep it off forever! The Ultra Busy Person’s Weight Loss Formula: Too much going on to stick with a program? Not anymore – I’ll show you how to fit the Total Body Transformation into your hectic schedule, so you can easily shave pounds and increase your energy while still getting everything done. How To Double Your Results: Talk about maximizing your efforts! This little known, but highly effective method uses the immense power of your breathing and emotions to get you there twice as fast…and I’ll tell you exactly how to do it. What To Look For In A Mentor and Coach: Some people need a little extra guidance along the way. And I’ll reveal my personal criteria for finding a coach or mentor who will help you achieve your goals (as well as the types of people to steer clear from). How To Create An Environment Which Accelerates Successful Weight Loss: If you’ve found it hard to stay true to programs in the past, it may not be you–it may be what’s AROUND you. This detailed roadmap will help you eliminate the bad and surround yourself with positive reinforcement. Why 80% Of Dieters Fail – And How You Can Easily Avoid This Trap: This may be the most popular part of the Total Body Transformation System. I’ll give you the freedom to reward yourself with mandatory days off, so you can enjoy all the food you love most…no matter how “fattening” they may be! …All this and MUCH more! Now before you go any further, please note: This is not another fad diet or “magic pill” that melts your fat while you sleep. This is a proven, tried-and true method that uses your body’s own natural metabolic processes to purge those unwanted pounds and boost your energy levels, giving you a slimmer waistline, a smaller dress and pant size, and an abundance of energy all-day, every-day. Think of it…you NEVER again have to wonder whether or not you’re doing the right thing to get the results youre looking for. Because the Total Body Transformation System delivers – every time! And here’s how it works… The basis of the Total Body Transformation System is having a powerful, healthy metabolism – which is the ENGINE that fuels your energy level, and burns all that stubborn body fat. Let me give you an example… Imagine your metabolism as the top of a table, and each technique you use to hold your metabolism up is represented by a leg that supports that table. Truth is, the majority of people support their table (or metabolism) with only 1 or 2 legs. Some use diet as one of their legs, some use exercise, and a few really smart people combine both diet and exercise, so their metabolic table has 2 legs to stand on. If you only have 2 legs for your table to stand on, it’s not very sturdy. In fact, the the first strong wind that comes along is going to knock it over. So what could that “strong wind” be? Maybe it’s the friend who invites you to lunch at one of those monster buffets…or that guy at work selling candy for his kid’s fundraiser…or even the deliciously sinful dessert shop you pass by every day on your way home. These “winds”–and many others like them–can blow strong and forceful, and before you know it, you stop your diet or exercise program and your table is crashing to the floor. But imagine if you have 7, 8 or 10 legs for your metabolic table to stand on (which I’ll show how to easily build in this program). Even the strongest wind couldn’t knock it down, right? In fact, you could pile stack upon stack of encyclopedias on top of that table and it’s not going anywhere. Or you could even climb up on top and do a tap dance–it’s still not going to fall. Why? Because it has so many legs supporting it! And that’s the magic of this whole formula. After you implement these easy-to-follow metabolic techniques, you could pull 2 or 3 of those legs out any time you please … and your metabolism will still going to be strong. So when you go away on vacation and you want to enjoy yourself without worrying about exercise or diet, you simply yank those legs out. And all the other techniques will continue to support your energy level and your metabolism. Now you’re free to do whatever you want, whenever you want – and EAT whatever you want. All you need is more legs supporting your table. Hundreds Of Happy Customers Are Experiencing Life-Changing Results, Thanks To The Total Body Transformation System… “If you have a slow or damaged metabolism, then I highly recommend Christopher Guerriero and his program…The information Christopher shares with you will change your life.” “None of the other programs I tried fixed the cause of my problem (a slow metabolism). Once I fixed that, the weight seemed to melt off – and STAY off…” “I know what it’s like to have so little energy that you just can’t get motivated…” “If your goal is to live in a tight, lean, youthful looking body, you’ve got to get with Christopher…you’ll be glad you did!!!” “This is the best thing I have ever done for myself” When my gyno told me I had bone loss & I had to go on hormones I gained 12 pounds. I tried and tried to lose weight. Finally, last year, my Pilates instructor gave me an article from a magazine about the Maximize Your Metabolism program. I knew my metabolism was slow and didn’t know how to speed it up. I bought the book, tried it, and voila it worked great. I bought a copy for my sister and she said “this is the best thing I have ever done for myself”. I go on it from time to time to manage my weight. It is the greatest plan I have ever seen!! “I Lost 25 Pounds The First Four Weeks!” “I was so excited when I got your email to sign up and I am over the top with the knowledge that I have the ability to work towards a trim fit body without starvation and pills. My cholesterol has been high, it dropped drastically after 4 weeks of following the plan. I lost 25 pounds the first four weeks, I’m wearing pants that didn’t fit before and have several pair that still have tags to aim for. It’s been fun giving away the items that are now too large!!! I’m looking forward to dropping the rest of the excess from my body in the next few weeks.” “I’ve Lost Over 15 lb’s So Far…” “I think you’re program is excellent! I’ve lost over 15 lb’s so far, already half the weight I wanted to lose. My smaller pants are too big, I feel great. I have lots of energy. I didn’t sacrifice healthy living to lose weight. I gained healthy habits. I’m so thankful I went for it, I almost passed because I believe most diets that promise much weight loss don’t promote good health.” “I Went From A Size 16 Down To A Size 4…” “…and have been that size ever since! Your program has helped me to improve the quality of my life. It gave me self-confidence, and the energy I need to keep up with my children!” “I tried some other weight loss books, pills, and shakes, and they all made me crazy. What I like about this system is that it makes me feel good, energized, and I’m losing pounds fast… It’s great!” “I was hesitant when I heard about Christopher Guerriero. I mean, you have to admit, there’s a lot of so called gurus out there who profess to know exactly what my particular body needs to look great… …but Christopher truly is, what I consider to be, an expert. I mean this guy is the founder of a large research center devoted just to studying how to help people reach their health and fitness goals. Plus he works with models, actors, and other famous people. I wasn’t always thin, nor was I blessed with ‘helpful genetics’. But just a few days after I received my books and audios, I began to see noticeable changes. And within 4 weeks I lost a total of 31 pounds. I lost weight, I lost inches, I lost dress sizes, I lost everything I wanted to lose, and I loved the process. I never felt hungry, and my energy level increased so much that now I feel better than I did when I was in my twenties. All I did was use the simple techniques in that Christopher teaches, and you can too. I’m so proud of what I was able to accomplish, and I owe it all to Christopher and his coaching.” “Your Success Story Goes Right Here” “I want to have energy all day – every day… I want to enjoy life in the body of my dreams… I want this year to be my year!” Reserve This Spot For Me! …and there’s LOTS more where those came from. So what are you waiting for? “…You’re Only Charging For This?” That’s the comment I hear most from my friends in the business after I tell them what the Total Body Transformation System goes for. They can’t believe I would give away the same information that my big-name clients pay a bundle for at a fraction of the price. …and I’m only able to do this because this system is already recorded and ready to be sent out to you. I want to see you achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort. I KNOW that this system works, and hundreds of others (like the people listed throughout this letter) would emphatically agree. Because they’ve tried all the other diets… …and they’ve sweated and starved and paid huge sums of cash, only to lose a few measly pounds…the same pounds that always creep right back! And that’s why they’re so ecstatic about the Total Body Transformation System. Within the first few weeks, they’re seeing better results than all the other diets combined – without half the work, without depriving themselves of all the foods they love most, and without the expense. So let me ask you this… Can you put a price on standing in front of the mirror and seeing a body that would rival a movie star’s? Can you put a price on striding confidently around the pool or beach in a small bathing suit, getting second glances left and right? Can you put a price on seeing your spouse’s face when they gaze lustfully at your all-new, fabulous-looking figure (as well as the other fringe benefits that go along with it)? Well, you can’t really. But the Total Body Transformation System can help you achieve all these results – and more. And at only for the full 8-module personal coaching audio course, delivered within minutes to your inbox as soon as you purchase, it’s a no-brainer. Yes, Chris! I Want To Join The Thousands Of Others Who Are Shedding Pounds Fast! : This book is an excellent compliment to the 8 audio coaching program, and it acts as a 236 page workbook to help you get rapid results along the way, and gain the will-power to not only lose weight, but also keep it off … permanently! This helpful guide will show you the exact reasons why body fat sometimes just doesn’t seem to go away, no matter what you try – and how to reverse that problem. You’ll also learn how to increase your energy level, reduce stress and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, renewed, and brimming with vim and vigor. Created for those who don’t have time to devote 4 to 6 days per week to a hard-core workout…or have tried working out in the past but got little or no results. In this book, you’ll discover a synergistic combination of just 3 simple exercises that actually force your body into great shape…not in 4, or 5, or 6 workouts per week – but rather in just 2 short, simple workouts each week, done in the privacy of your own home! Completely redesigned, with loads more information, details, tips, and tricks to help you get far more results from your workouts in far less time. These FREE bonuses are limited to those who are ready to take the challenge now and change their life forever. And after they’re gone, they’re gone. Look, 30 days from now you can be nothing more than 30 days older, or you can be substantially leaner, more energized, and feeling great about yourself knowing that your Total Body Transformation is taking effect… Just imagine what your friends will say when they see the new, thinner, more confident “you” walking in the room. You have nothing to fear, because youre protected by my 8 week money back guarantee. So, click the button below to Order Your Total Body Transformation Audio-Coaching Kit TODAY and Discover Your True Potential In Life! I am taking you up on your incredible offer today at the steeply discounted price of $97. This whole course includes the following: The entire Total Body Transformation Audio Library full of ALL the same tools, tips, and tactics Christopher shares with his high-end client list. Plus 2 Surprise Mega-Bonuses for those who act now I know I can try out the first audio in the Total Body Transformation Audio-Coaching Kit completely Risk-Free with your “no-risk” money-back guarantee… Secure your copy and everything abovewith —> Click Here This program is absolutely GUARANTEED to work for you or you’re not out a single penny! In fact, you have a full 8 weeks to review & try everything, and if you’re not completely satisfied Ill immediately refund 100% of your money. And as a way of saying, “thanks for giving it a shot”, you can keep all the bonuses you received up to that point, with my compliments. Your Lean, Healthy Body Is Only A Away. But You Have To Take The First Step… You know what the Total Body Transformation can do for you… If you’ve taken the time to listen to the audio success stories on this page, then you’ve heard from others – just like yourself – who have taken advantage of this program to achieved maximum results in minimum time… You’ve also discovered the secret behind how celebrities, sports personalities and even Olympic athletes keep their million-dollar bodies shapely, curvy and to-die-for (with my help)… So what are you going to do now? Isn’t it time that you learned the REAL TRUTH about what works – and what doesn’t… when it comes to getting rid of all that extra body fat? Isn’t it time you discovered how to really Maximize Your Metabolism, so you can effortlessly melt away the fat–without all the normal trappings of diets and exercise? Isn’t it time you stopped wasting money on all those fad diets, useless fitness programs, dangerous pills, expensive exercise machines, and everything else the so-called “experts” are trying to sell you that suck cash from you wallet – but not inches from your waistline? This is your chance to finally take control of your life, by taking control of your body, your health, and your energy level. The Total Body Transformation System will not only make life easier for you…but it will set a good example for your family, giving them a chance to also know the secrets to a healthy, more successful lifestyle. The vibrant health, better body, and accelerated energy levels you’ve always wanted are now within your reach. Join me in the Total Body Transformation System RIGHT NOW. I promise—you won’t be disappointed! Here’s to a completely new you, Don’t forget–I’m the founder of The National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center, the host of the TV show: The Energy Factor, and mentor to top models and celebrities worldwide as well as Fortune executives and their teams. I’m an internationally recognized speaker, author, and teleseminar host. I write a weekly e-zine which reaches over 500,000 readers in 92 countries, making it one of the most widely distributed newsletters on Shape and Longevity. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone like me take you by the hand and lead you, step-by-step, through a Total Body Transformation in audio’s that you can refer back to time-and-time again whenever you want? Click Here To Get In On This Now! If you’ve failed at reaching your goal weight in the past — and staying there — you’re doomed to fail again and again until you learn the simple, no BS lessons that I’m about to teach you. The Total Body Transformation is your key to the body and health you’ve tried so hard to achieve… What are you waiting for? Your New Body AwaitsClick Here To Get Started RIGHT NOW! All rights reserved. POB 189, Califon, NJ 07830 “Christopher Guerriero’s Total Body Transformation” is a trademark of Wisdom Books Corporation
How To Lose Weight And Melt Stubborn Fat With No Effort…

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