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Acupressure is often called acupuncture without needles, so it is PAIN-FREE.Acupressure curbs cravings. 25 years of study proves the effectiveness of this amazing eastern traditional medicine. Butwhere do youstart? Here are easy step-by-step instructions that will have you doing acupressure for effective weight loss without having to go to a clinic.I have been meditating for over 30 years. After the first8years, I started creating my own meditations.My guided meditations will helpyou re-establishthe connection betweenyour body and mind. You will learn to listen to your body as itcommunicates to what itneeds, so you can provide the best for your body. Plus, a bonus meditation I created for you to use anywhere, anytime, so you can stay connected in times of stress.This little known eastern tradition is for me, a healing meditative form of dance. Qigong was created to heal your body AND mind. Each week you will learn 2 new gentle movements that are so easy and life changing, that you will find yourself insisting on completing your daily movements.With your warm-up video and 8 movements in all, thesebeautiful movements will have everyone who sees want to join in.I have created a unique and simpleway for you to include Acupressure, Meditation & Qigong into your daily life by using my "Action Plan". The best part about this program, is it only takes a short time to learn, but will last you a lifetime! n 5 short weeks you will know how to use my program of Acupressure, Meditation & Qigong to unlock the power you already have inside of you, to accomplish your weight loss goals. You will not be losing the weight as much as "Letting Go" of the weight.[…]
Main Weight Loss – Clickbank

This 5 Week Program Teaches You How To Do Acupressure In The Comfort Of Your Own Home For Weight Loss. But It Doesn’t Stop There. To The Curb Craving Acupressure, We Added Guided Meditations For Body/mind Connection And Qigong: Easy Vital Energy Postures.

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