What If You Could Help People Have Whatever They Wanted In Their Life?

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This is your life, not a dress rehearsal

Or are you, like so many people, just going down a path you started on years ago and sometimes youre not even sure why youre there?Are you in control of your life, setting goals for what you want, taking action and achieving them?Or are you living, what my friend Michelle calls, your default life?Hi, this is Jim Donovan . . .You may not know me so Id like to tell you a little about my background. My story begins the morning I woke up in a hospital ward with a throbbing headache from too much partying the night before. I thought my life was over . . .I had finally hit my bottom. I was at the lowest point I had ever been, after years of living in misery and despair. My addictions and excesses had taken me on a journey through three states, each time watching as my lifestyle dropped lower and lower.I went from being an up and coming young entrepreneur with the designer clothes and flashy car, living in the fast lane . . . all the way down, over a 10 year period, until finally, I hit bottom hard!. . . I thought living for days in an old car was the bottom . . .. . . until I spent some time living in the park with the other homeless people.By the time I landed in the hospital, I had lost everything friends, family, jobs, money, possessions, health, and, most of all, my dignity.I was at an emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual bottom thinking, somehow, God had abandoned me.Sitting there, on the second day, I surrendered. I literally looked up and said, OK, God, either help me or take me. Frankly, I didnt really care which He chose because, at that point, dying would have been better than going on the way I was living.Something profound happened to me that day and Ive never looked back.I believe, the hand of God reached into my life and turned it around, as youll read below. I discovered my true mission to share whatever I know to help other people live a better life.I began what has been a life-long study of success principles. I read everything I could put my hands on, listened to countless audio programs, and attended live seminars.As I did this, I began to notice changes taking place in my life. My circumstances began to improve, slowly at first, then in leaps and bounds, as I assimilated and applied what I was learning. I began writing about and teaching the techniques I had used and saw other people accomplish more in their lives too.My future path became clear help spread the message of these powerful principles far and wide so that othe[…]
This is your life, not a dress rehearsal | Jim Donovan – Success & Happiness

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