Why Your Content Marketing Is Not Working

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Why Your Content Marketing Is Not Working

What would you do if you were put into this situation?You are snatched from your current company and placed at a company in another city where you have to start all over again.Youve been hired to run their marketing. Its a medium-sizedoperation. They are doing ok, but theyve hit a wall.They need more momentum, but theydont have a big budget for marketing or advertising.They want you to use marketing to build this company, so that it will bring in more customers regularly and at a low cost.You have decided that creating content to attract prospects is the best way to go, but this company has tried content marketing and didnt see much ROI from it, so they are doubtful it will work.Still you believe this is the best option.My name is Scott Aughtmon. I am the author of51 Content Marketing Hacks. I am a regular contributor to ContentMarketingInstitute.com and I amthe person behind the popular infographic 21 Types of Content We Crave.Personally, I have used content marketing to:In fact, I have been using content marketing long before I even heard the term.Over that time, Ive developed to ability to communicate ideas and concepts in a way thatstands out, is shared, and is attractive to prospects.Here are what two top experts have said about the content I createThere are many companies that still have no clue about content marketing. There are many others who have tried to use content marketing, but have seen little to no results or ROI.And the companies that are having this problemarent just medium-sizedcompanies like the one in the imaginary situation I presented to you at the beginning.This is a common problem for companies of all sizes that are trying implement content marketing. And because of this problem, many of these companies are wondering if content marketing really works or not.I want you to know that it does work and there are many companies that could attest to this fact. But, just like with any tool, you have to know how to use a tool effectively in order to see the best results.After thinking about this problem, I realized that people need a new paradigm forcontent marketing. They need a new way to see the realpurpose of content marketing. Why?Because once they really understand the basic, core purpose of content marketing, then they will beginat a different starting place.And not only that, but they will realize they need to go through a different process in order to produce powerful content marketing that produces better results and more ROI.After thinking a lot aboutthis, I have come up with a new way to think of content marketing that I believe can really help business toanswerthese questions:Thisnew way to think about content marketing issomething Im calling Question Directed Content Marketing.You can sign-up below to watch myfreevideo 12 minute videothat explains thisnew way of thinking about the basic core purpose for all of the content you create.It also gives you a new mindset and paradigmfor your content marketing that will help you to begin usingitin a more effective way.And finally, this free video will help you to begin creating content that will allow you to stand out from your competitors.I recently decided to do a webinar a teach the four steps that you need to use if you want to successfully use Question Directed Content Marketing.I announced it and 7 days later I revealed these foursteps to a small group.These are4 things that were my personal favorites from the information I sharedI wanted to come up with a fair price to ask for this recording that would be affordable for any company especially one thats actually experiencing the imaginary situation I started with.I figured, if you went to a marketing conference you could pay from $1400 $2000 plus travel costs, a hotel room, and food.But because this is digital download, I decided Id give you access forjust $197.I figure that this is a fair price for you, it doesnt cheapen the time and effort that I put into it, and yetdoesnt placeit atasuspiciously low price.For that one price, hereis the complete package of everythingthat youwill receive:This will give you3 ways that you can consume this important information that will help you to learn these important steps that you need to take to harness the power of Question Directed Content Marketing.Plus, you can have access to the recordinginstantly, at anytime, 24/7/365.It doesnt matter what time of day it is, even if its 1:53am.During the live webinar, I had a great time answering questions from the people who attended. The question and answer time went so well that it went for 27:31 minutes!During that time, the participants asked some great questions.Here are some of thequestions that I answered during the Q & A time:Even though youmissed being a part of this live Q & A session, I thought youd still want access to it.So as a bonus you will receive:I want this to be as helpful for you and your company as possible.So, as an addedbenefit, Ill allow you to share these recordings with anyone else who is a part of your team.That means you dont have to pay for each of those people,like you would if you were attending a conference.(*I just ask that youplease dont give it to anyone outside of your company.)I use ClickBank. Its one of the most trusted and secure online retailers available. All information sent to ClickBank is encrypted (using strong 128-bit encryption) and is not disclosed to anyone, not even me!Look, I dont want you to feel like this purchase is a risk for you to make, so lets make a deal.then please ask me for your money back! Ill give you a refund right away.I dont want to keep your money if you dont feel you gotyour moneys worth.But I really believe that if you watch this recording and thenapply what you learn, then you will:By the way, please contact me and let me know what theresults are. Id love to hear about them.Let me know if you have any questions.Thanks for taking time to read this.P.S. You can watch a free 12 minute introductory video here. If you havent watched it yet, then you should.It will give you a basic understanding of Question Directed Content Marketing that you can begin applying right now.P.P.S. You can also read this blog postThe Law of the Tool: Why Some Struggle So Much with Their Content Marketingto learn about the common problem we all have with using a tool we dont know how to use well.
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Photo by @boetter What would you do if you were put into this situation? You are snatched from your current company and placed at a company in another

There Are Many Others Who Have Tried To Use Content Marketing, But Have Seen Little To No Results Or Roi. The Answer To This Problem Is To Use What I Call "question Directed Content Marketing." Here’s How…

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