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Win Forecaster

Not only am I offering the WIN FORECASTERS bespoke betting system with a proven hit rate of 45% + which banked me a total of 11,670 IN 4 MONTHSI will personally handle all the support myself as the architect of the WIN FORECASTER betting system I feel this is only fair to give every person a real chance of hitting big TAX FREE money pay outs like me.Before we go any further its only polite that I introduce myself and briefly explain a little about who I am and my journey to consistent RACING PROFITS.My names Patrick Oshea and I am the builder/creator of the WIN FORECASTER bespoke betting app.I have been a big follower of horse racing my whole life, I come from a big Irish family of 6 brothers and 4 sisters and we were all crazy about horses from an early age, well horses and technology in my case.I left my parents farm house in 1988 when I was 17, I moved into the city to pursue a higher education in computer programming, computers fascinated me from a very early age and I knew they would become the way of the world.6 gruelling years later I graduated and was awarded with a Masters degree in computer science (MCS)I spent the next 18 years establishing my career as a chief software developer for SKY NEWS,developing their weather systems to become as accurate as possible.It was the skill set I learnt at SKY that helped me come up with the idea for the WIN FORECASTER as both systems worked of the same principles of finding and interpreting vast amounts of data in such a way that it could generate an accurate prediction of an outcome of an event for example when and where a hurricane 1000 miles out at sea would eventually hit land.I knew it would work for horse racing the hardest part was finding reliable sources of the information my system would need to predict the outcome of a horse race.With the weather systems it was easier. We had advanced satellites and instruments that would record the data, with the racing I had to literally go out and research everything there was that could determine the potential winner of a race.Once I had done this I then had to build software that would constantly revisit these sources of data and update itself to make sure the results I was receiving were accurate.[…]
Win Forecaster

The Most Accurate Horse Racing Tipster Service On CB. With A Win Rate Of +45% You Can Guarantee Huge Monthly Rebills. Don’t Miss The Opportunity To Bank Hard With This Offer.

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