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Xbox 360 Repairs – Fix the Red Ring of Death in less than 1 hour!

Of course you can! But would you really trust the people responsible for the error to fix it? Discover a much faster, cheaper and all around better solution to the problem that has affected millions of Xbox 360’s around the world!I’m not going to lie to you. Microsoft did announce that they realized there was a manufacturer defect on all of their Xbox 360’s. They also announced that they will extend the factory warranty to get your Xbox 360 with the three red light error fixed for free. What they don’t tell you is that the "fix" that they will perform on your console will not permanetly fix the problem. Thats right, you will send your Xbox 360 off to their repair center…wait 8 weeks or so…and after all of that your console could get the three red light error again within the hour.This is the most commonly asked question I received. The instructions included in this guide are so easy to follow, even someone who has never seen an Xbox 360 could do it. You will receive pictures showing you exactly what to do for every step of the repair."Should I just buy a new console? "Of course not! You paid good money for your Xbox 360 console. Save the replacing for the chumps. With this guide, you WILL have your console running by tonight. Don’t go another day without your Xbox 360.The Xbox Repair Kit will fix all of the following errors:I am so confident that this guide will have you up and running in under 1 hour that you will receive a 8 week guarantee. If at any point during this 8 week period, you feel unsatisfied with the product, simply ask for a refund and you will get 100% of your purchase price back, no questions asked! Above is the heatsink that Microsoft will add to your console when you send it in for repair. An additional heatsink will only "patch" the issue. The Xbox Repair Kit has the only method that will permanetly fix your Xbox 360! I will briefly explain what is wrong with over half of the Xbox 360 consoles out there. Your Xbox 360 is just like a computer. It has a motherboard with 2 main chips on it. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) and the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). The CPU is what controls everything in your computer. It tells how all of the other components are supposed to work. The GPU is what controls what video is output on the screen. Both of these chips put out extreme amounts of heat, so they both must be adequately cooled. As these chips heat up (hotter then they should) they begin to melt the solder[…]
Xbox 360 Repairs – Fix the Red Ring of Death in less than 1 hour!

The only Xbox 360 repair resource you will ever need!

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