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The Idea Machinewas designed specifically to get results quickly and long termonce and for all crushing the 5 biggest strategymyths:No matter how hard you try or what you do it seems impossible to keep momentum going after even the best strategy sessions.Myth #1: My business does not require strategy sessions to be successful. Fact:No matter what your business, youre already doing some level of strategy sessions. Launching new products or services, solving big problems, or pouncing on new opportunities requires alevel of planning, and an effective strategy session will amplify your results.Myth #2: Strategy sessionsneed a professional facilitator to stay on track. Fact: Mostprofessional facilitators fall short of getting lasting results, they charge too much for their services, and have no vested interest in the success of failure of your project.Myth #3: Any good manager or CEO can facilitate a strategy session. Fact:The bestmanagers and CEOs areexperts at the topic at hand, but are usually too busy withthe whirlwind of to-do lists and metrics to be able to effectively plan for and facilitate a strategy session.Myth #4: Strategy sessions are a boring time-sucker and everyone hates them. Fact:Strategy session can be fun and engaging if done correctly, and the results can be astounding.Myth #5: Strategy sessions are only for key leaders, not the front line team members. Fact:The most powerful strategy sessions happen when the team members responsible for the work attend along with the key leaders.[…]
Idea Machine | zapaty

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